Honorable Mention
Nipkow Award 2013

A documentary by Deborah van Dam


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For war baby Anneke, who was brought to the United States when she was five years old, her past has always been a big mystery. When 65 years later Anneke's courier Cora and her brother Fred knock on her door, the confrontation with this past, filled with taboos, becomes inevitable.

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Moviescene (magazine)

"The Baby shows how far-reaching the aftermath of WW2 for an individual is up to this day. This beautiful, heartrending/poignant documentary really does have something to say. Not to be missed!"


NRC Next (newspaper)

"Deborah van Dam registers it moderate and restrained. She has to because what surfaces is too shocking and complex to do justice with big words and gestures."


de Volkskrant (newspaper)

"Van Dam balances all perspectives well with Anneke's story, so The Baby leaves a precise, well rounded impression - in site of the questions not answered."


De Spits (newspaper)

"one of the most talked about documentaries of IDFA 2012."


Het Parool (newspaper)

"For all involved the pieces of the puzzle in the on thorough research based 'The Baby' tumble from the sky like glaze until the 'icy' thruth is complete. Leaving the spectator dismayed behind."


Trouw (newspaper)

"Van Dam keeps her material firmly in check and delivers an emotional family history with so much shades of colour that it keeps the spectator occupied/engaged for a long time afterwards."


FilmTotaal (magazine)

"The Baby is a clever reconstruction of an inconceivable story, which, in spite of all the answers Anneke gets, leaves a bitter taste."


Cinemagazine (magazine)

"The Baby" does not resemble an episode of 'address unknown'. Anneke got enough Dutch soberness for that. Nevertheless this documentary does touch/hit you."


de Filmkrant (magazine)

"The details of her Dutch youth/years bring back memories nor emotions, but do give Anneke clear insight in the person she was and has become. And with that the film does exactly enough."

*** (website)

"The Baby is an unconventional story told with conventional means. With a somewhat overdone, by Johanna ter Steege performed voice-over, but built intelligent and engrossing, doing justice to the complexity of the subject. And a documentary that once again shows in how many painful shades of grey the Dutch 'war past' is drenched."


Judische Allgemeine (newspaper Germany)

"Wie aktuell der Film ist, zeigte sich Ende November beim renommierten Amsterdamer Dokumentar- Festival, wo "The Baby" bei der Weltpremiere in die Publikums- Top 10 gewählt wurde. Die Regisseurin hofft nun unter anderem auf Gastspiele in Deutschland, "denn schließlich kamen die Kohnkes von dort." Sicher ist sie sich indes, dass er in den Niederlanden seine Wirkung nicht verfehlen wird: "Das Baby ist auf der Welt. Jetzt muss es nur noch laufen lernen."